Career Journeys: Targeting Your Interest, Personality, and Values

According to the State University of New York at Fredonia, a career can be defined as a person's progress within an occupation or series of occupations. However, a career is more than just a job, or working, or your occupation. It also includes your progress through life, your growth and development in vocational (occupation) and avocational (hobby) areas of life.

Career Journeys

Some individuals are perfectly content when it comes to their certain occupation or career - and that is wonderful! However, it is normal to wonder about the numerous other options out there as reflected by our constant changing of interests over time. One day you may be interested in baseball and then the next day, it is basketball. The key here is to select what makes the most sense in terms of your definition of success and most importantly, what makes you happy.


One strategy to achieve success when choosing a career is to ride a certain “bandwagon”. Being able to recognize what’s trending and what’s in demand will definitely generate income. Taking advantage of these things are already a skill in it of itself - it takes awareness and being educated on current events to identify what’s currently in-demand and marketable.

The only caveat is what would happen when that hype dies, or when that trend is no longer trendy? This is where your interests come to play. Solely basing a career on what’s currently in demand can be risky if you aren’t interested or passionate about it in the first place. Your career may eventually plateau or decline because you don’t have any idea what to do when things don’t go your way. Interest plays an important role because it ensures that you are passionate about your career subject in the first place. You know your product or service and you won’t have a problem researching different strategies and new ideas when things go downhill. You’re passionate about it and this reason solidifies why you even started in the first place.

Completing an assessment such as COPS (Career Occupational Preference System Interest Inventory) is a useful tool for exploring career interests based on your likes and dislikes. More information on vocational evaluations available through Vocational Quest can be located here:


Let’s say you already have an existing interest or idea lingering in the back of your head on what you want to become in the future. Back in the day, children aspired to become astronauts, doctors, lawyers and police officers. With countless opportunities present today, you can now choose to turn your passions into different opportunities. The only thing that stands in your way is competition - with a plethora of options available today, you’ve got to stand out and appeal to the general, average market. There is plenty of other competition out there utilizing different strategies to reach multiple demographics. Whatever career path you choose along the way, one way to separate yourself from the rest is to have that Personality or ‘It Factor”. It will help your business or service grow, in conjunction with your chosen personal career path.

Completing an assessment such as Personality Dimensions can help you better understand your unique strengths, style and values, including strengthening your understanding of other personalities.


Self-Assessment, Exploration, Preparation, Marketing and Management - these are just some of the steps to consider when deciding on a fulfilling career. It takes time to assess yourself and explore what your true passion is. It takes preparation to turn that passion into a career. And it takes marketing and proper management to achieve longevity and success. Furthermore, it takes certain values such as Self-Discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, Responsibility and Respect to thoughtfully navigate the ins and outs of whatever industry you choose to enter or the career path you follow in order to achieve growth and success you are striving for.

Completing an assessment such as COPES (Career Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey) can assist you in exploring occupational areas that align with your personal values. More information on vocational evaluations available through Vocational Quest can be located here:

At Vocational Quest Inc., we wish you all the best in your continued quest!

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