Honesty in Business!

Honesty in Business!

What I want to discuss in this article is the basic idea of honesty. The internet is a wonderful place to do business and, any of us that have worked in this field for awhile know that traffic is king. The one major challenge with doing business online is that we don’t always get to be face to face with our customers.

Even so, there are ways around this that will bring value to your customer and value in repeat business. It doesn’t cost that much to call and thank someone for their business. It doesn’t cost much to send out a thank you card. I think at times we forget that email isn’t the only way to communicate. With the prevalence of spam it isn’t always the best way to communicate either.

The internet can be a very impersonal place. It is ethically challenging to all of us who try to sale a product or business online. Is there a chance of giving away too much with little return? That is always a chance we take when we offer advice or tips to a customer. I can guarantee that over time, the word gets around, and your business will develop a core group of customers who value your service and will tell others.

Being a small business is a challenge in the fast-paced retail world of chain stores. What separates you from your competition?

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