Manifest a Desire

Manifest a Desire

What does it mean to manifest a desire?

Manifest means to offer proof, attest to or to display clearly. So when we say: manifest a desire, we say to display your desire as having been fulfilled or to offer proof of something. There is another and better way to manifest a desire and it is to use your mind.

The benefits of using your mind to manifest a desire are many, but let me give you just a few.

  • It takes less time,

  • It takes less effort,

  • You are happier,

  • You have time to spend with the people you love,

However, when you try to manifest your desire through action, this is what you get:

  • You may not enjoy what you do, like with most people, because you only do it to manifest a desire,

  • You are constantly tired

  • You are frustrated and angry that things are nor working out for you,

  • You have no time for the people in your life because you're constantly working.

Action is no substitute for pure focussed energy to manifest your desires faster then you can imagine. Remember the times when you did something mechanically without really believing in it? That's the power of belief and though demonstrated there. You can manifest your desires and you can start today, using your mind.

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