The 3 Secrets Of Wow! Customer Service

3 Secrets Of Wow! Customer Service

Your aim in giving your customers exceptional service is to make them say “Wow!” as soon as you disappear. Make the following 3 tips part of your norm.

1. Attend To The Little Things.

Paying attention to the little things which don't significantly affect the main service is a way of saying: "If we look after the little things, just think what we'll do with the big ones." Such detail includes clean washrooms that you could eat your meals from & a customer notices that don't talk down to people.

2. Anticipate Customers’ Needs.

In a survey of airport check-in staff, customers rated the best staff as those who anticipated their needs. These were staff who would routinely glance down the queue & anticipate the different needs customers.

3. Treat Them The Same By Treating Them Differently.

We hate to see others get better customer service than we do, for example in a restaurant. It makes us feel second-class & devalued. Equally, we don't want to be treated the same as everyone else if that means a standard, soulless response, as you sometimes get in a fast-food restaurant.

Practice these 3 responses until they are as familiar to you as breathing, & you are guaranteed to have customers queueing up for your attention.

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